5 Ways to Explore Dongguan This June

NowShenzhen   |   June 5, 2019

With what we know about Dongguan and its “factory of the world” title, who would have thought that the Pearl River Delta city would seriously step up its game in the last decade? As a rising city, Dongguan now has more attractions and novelties than ever, offering unique and memorable experiences to those who take the opportunity. The city borders with Guangzhou and Shenzhen and humbly owns its own characters and edges, reinforced by elements such as Keyuan Garden, one of the Four Great Gardens of Guangdong.

#1: Watch Dragon Boat Lake Racing

On June 18, you can look forward to an absolute spectacle, that is, dragon boat racing. No doubt this is one of the most celebrated festivals in Dongguan, with its many village teams participating for glory throughout the whole of June. The tournament will take place at Huayang Lake in Machong Town. Not only can you enjoy the pure anticipation of the heated races, traditional dragon boat performances and festive food will also ensure a fantastic day, not to mention a mesmerizing lake view. If you have time, why not enjoy a barbecue or picnic at the lake bank?

Address: Huayang Lake Wetland Park, Zhenxing Road, Dongguan地址:东莞麻涌镇振兴路华阳湖湿地公园

#2: VisitBatou Village

A cluster of traditional villages in Wanjiang District is certainly an interesting place to visit. Nothing like you have ever seen before, this zone is an eclectic mix of old, traditional, recycled, quirky and renovated. Buildings and homes have been converted into restaurants and bars in recent years, with the old architecture still well preserved. One stands out in particular, the new “Treehouse” bar which was renovated from scratch by Nelly and Avo, a young Chinese artist couple. Truly handmade, the bar presents a cozy escapist spot, perfect for relaxing and enjoying dinner and drinks. It also serves as a gathering point and hideout for artists and alike. An artisan market is held regularly.

Address: TreeHouse, #192, Batou, Wanjiang District, Dongguan地址:东莞万江坝头192号树屋

#3: Hike Along the Coast in Humen

With tons of history, this city never stops giving. What’s even better, combining history and hiking, a group hiking trip to Weiyuan Fort in Humen will commence on June 23. HERE! Hikers, comprising of a team of community outdoors enthusiasts who meet monthly, are going to take a coastal route cutting through the Humen Sea Battle Museum. You can see the once commanding cannons now remaining undisturbed and learn more about the Opium Wars. At the same time, you’ll have the chance to meet a group of friendly locals and expats in the budding Dongguan community.

Address: Humen Beach, The Sea Battle Museum Road, Humen, Dongguan地址:东莞虎门镇海战博物馆

#4: Drink at the 4th Craft Beer Festival

One of the hottest events in Dongguan is no doubt the annual DG Craft Beer Festival, taking place every summer. This year the event will be extended by an extra day, presenting a full weekend celebration in the heart of the city. Situated in 33 Town, a cool creative park in the downtown area of Dongguan, PartyHERE! will host the occasion on June 29 and 30. Excitingly, more than ten craft beer breweries from all over China will set the scene, as well as international gourmet goodies, live music, hilarious games, and of course a photobooth to capture all of those special moments while enjoying a few ice-cold craft beers.

Address: 33 Town, #33 Dongsheng Road, Dongcheng District地址:东莞东城区东晟路33号33小镇

#5: Party in the Darkness

Shenzhen party people, attention! On June 15, in an enigmatic little spot in Dongcheng, Dongguan, a venue known as “B Quarter” will host a Black Room party. As one of its signature themes, the enticing neon lights draw onlookers in, to a party vibe that is lit like the space. With semi-regular events and all kinds of renowned artists and DJs, a night at this venue leaves you feeling pretty overwhelmed the next day, in a very good way. Not to mention waking up with the body marbling paint stuck to the pillows from the night before. This particular event on June 15 will see DJ Mary & DJ Mighty R from “LET’s GHETT” Russia, presenting their Dongguan debut that night. Get ready for some classic house music from Chicago to NYC, from England to France.

Address: #72, Yujing Walking Street, Dongcheng District地址:东莞东城愉景新时代广场72号

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