A 39-floor Golden Building in Luohu on Fire

Vera Tse   |   August 29, 2021

October 11, at about 4:45 P.M. , a golden building with 39 floors high called Zhengshun Square in Shennan Boulevard was on fire. The fire was put down by five fire brigades. No casualty was reported. The cause is still under investigation but it is suspected that the cooling tower ignited spontaneously in air. 

The building started to be built in 1993 but stopped in 2000 due to fund shortage. The developer was ambitious to make this as a city landmark at that time. Only good materials were used. Until August 28, 2013, the building was announced to be built again. However, good time do not last long. The fire yesterday was bringing the building into citizens’ sights again. Smoke surged from the burning building and enveloped the whole area. According to some local media reports, when fire brigades arrived at the site, 5 people were found between 9th and 10th floor. So far, no casualty was reported and the cause initially was thought to be the autoignition of its cooling towers that was going to be replaced, said by the developer. 

Photos from “Discover”of Amada_然’s Weixin

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