American Teacher Arrested in Shanghai for School Sex Abuse

Vera Tse   |   August 31, 2021

Media exposed yesterday that an American teacher who teaches English at elite French school in Shanghai has been arrested on May 13 on suspicions of sex abuse at least seven children.

The name of the American is Mcmahon, a friend of another former instructor at school who was extradited to America last year on similar charge. It is reported by parents that victims of sexual assault include boys and girls and the sex assault might last for five years.

“We are devastated as parents” one victim’s mother said. She required anonymity to protect her child’s privacy. The mother said that after they moved to China, her child behaved weird. “She has nervous breakdown and often grabs her face and leg” said by the mother. At the very beginning, she thought it might be caused by the immigrant but soon she connected these with abuse. “We live in nightmare” said by another mother who suspected her daughter had been sex abused for several months.

The French school shares campus with a German school. A total of 1,600 students study there with ages from 3 to 18 years old. Now, the school refuses to provide the details of the crime but only mentioned “sex abuse” in a public letter.