BYD Electric Taxi Explodes, Catches Fire Killing 3 in Shenzhen

David Ho   |   August 30, 2021

A Nissan GT-R crashed into a BYD E6 Electric Taxi after the driver left from Lili Marleen drunk. Upon on colliding with the electric taxi, the BYD car exploded and burst into flames killing all three people. The driver of the speeding sports car and his 3 female companions left the scene only to turn himself in a day later. Accordning to the South China Morning Post an eywitness taxi driver saw the sports car speeding between 150 to 200km/h on Binhaidadao.

Right now according to the SCMP there are supposed to be 300 BYD E6 Electric Taxis on the road and this number is supposed to double within this year. Shenzhen also has 200 electric buses on the road which recieve a subsidy from the central and Shenzhen government of 1 million RMB per bus.

Below are some photos posted on Sina Weibo:


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