Collect Your Ship Tickets in the Bilingual TVM

David Ho   |   March 9, 2021

Struggling to buy and collect tickets for your next cruise? Discover how easy it is today!


This year, Nanshan International Cultural Exchange & Service Center (NSIC) has teamed up with CMSK Cruise Home Port to bring customers a self-service ticket vending machine (TVM) for buying and collecting tickets. Those days of having to travel all the way to CMSK Cruise Home Port for a single ticket are finally over. 


Now, you can simply collect (or buy) your tickets at NSIC following a visit around Sea World, the nearby promenade, or even after participating in a NSIC event. So convenient!


Image Courtesy of NSIC

This self-service TVM offers the same services and schedules available on the official WeChat account of CMSK Cruise Home Port, but unlike WeChat, it provides both Chinese and English services, which is great for foreign nationals.


Image Courtesy of NSIC
Image Courtesy of NSIC

“I can’t read Chinese, so in the past, I had to ask my friend for help when buying tickets. But now with NSIC’s self-service TVM, I can select English or Chinese, meaning I can do it all by myself. It’s also setup so that I can get my tickets when I’m attending an event here. Sweet!” ~ Alex (U.S.A.)



About the Self-service TVM


Location: At Nanshan International Cultural Exchange & Service Center


Image Courtesy of NSIC

Business hours: Monday to Friday   

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM


上午9:00-12:00   下午14:00-18:00

Contact us for more information


Supported Languages: Chinese & English


△ Video by Carol Quinn

According to those leading Zhaoshang Sub-district, setting up this self-service TVM is just part of the long-term cooperation established between Zhaoshang Sub-district and CMSK Cruise Home Port. 


In the future, both parties will work together, playing to their strengths, to achieve a smooth flow of information while pooling resources, promoting the spirit of reciprocity, and offering related services that make life more convenient for foreign nationals. In turn, CMSK Cruise Home Port will become better recognized around the world.


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