Discover Another Side of the City with Just Shenzhen

NowShenzhen   |   May 8, 2019

Discover Another Side of the City with Just Shenzhen

There is a popular Chinese saying that translates as “As soon as you arrive in Shenzhen, you are already a Shenzhener.” It is the kind of city where anyone can come and start a life. With the city growing so quickly and people living such fast-paced lives, however, we sometimes miss the diverse culture, rich history, and natural beauty of Shenzhen. Now, with Just Shenzhen there is a fun way to discover a different side to Shenzhen you never knew existed.

Embark on a Treasure Hunt and Explore Shenzhen

Just Shenzhen Discovery Routes

Just Shenzhen takes you on a journey across the city where you will visit eight sites that combine exploration, puzzle-solving, and storytelling. Discover gorgeous scenery, amazing architecture, and fascinating history by cracking puzzles and answering questions that lead you on a trip like no other through Shenzhen. By the end of your journey, you will see Shenzhen in a whole new light.

The 8 Sites

Just Shenzhen is designed for people of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you’ve just arrived or are born-and-raised in Shenzhen, you can always discover something new and fascinating about the city.

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Q: How Do I Start the Tour?

Simply go to one of the following five volunteer service booths, known as U Stations, to get your toolkit, which includes a map of all the sites and a specific site map (puzzles are on the site map). You can also collect a toolkit from Penny Black Jazz Café in OCT Loft. Now you have your toolkit you are ready to start your adventure!

Toolkit Pickup Location

  1. U Station – Exit A, Guomao Subway Station (Line 1)
  2. U Station – Exit D1, Huaqiang North Subway Station (Lines 2 and 7)
  3. U Station – Exit D, Children’s Palace Subway Station (Lines 3 and 4)
  4. U Station – Exit E, Houhai Subway Station (Lines 2 and 11)
  5. U Station – Exit A, Sea World Subway Station (Line 2)
  6. Penny Black Jazz Café – Exit A, Qiaocheng East Subway Station (Line 1)

▲Just Shenzhen Site Map (Example: International Trade Centre Building)

▲Just Shenzhen Experience Toolkit

Q: What treasures can I receive?

A: After completing the challenges at each site, return the toolkit to the pickup site. Check with the staff and get a stamp on your all-site map. You will also receive Just Shenzhen stickers and postcards!

If you finish all eight sites of the route, simply head to Shekou Sea World U station and show the staff all your stamps. In return, you will receive an awesome prize. You can choose from a selection of Just Shenzhen merchandise including a hat, card case, or t-shirt.

Q: What should I expect on these treasure hunts?

A: During your journey, you will have the chance to visit the following interesting places:

– Historical Sites: Check out the first ever McDonalds opened in Mainland China and shop for groceries like a local in the fresh markets. Roam the Guomao area surrounding the International Trade Building where you can witness “Shenzhen Speed”; the rapid period of growth during the 1980s so fast that it was said an entire floor of a building could be built in three days.

–  Development Sites: These sites represent the cutting edge of Shenzhen’s rapid development in the technology sector, which has led to the city being dubbed the “Silicon Valley” of China. Look up in awe at some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world while exploring an ocean of consumer electronics.

–  Cultural Sites: These sites are a gathering ground for art lovers, including an arts district where you visit exhibitions displaying both Traditional Chinese and Contemporary art. After exploring an exhibit, catch a meal at one of the many restaurants or spend an afternoon in one of the cafés enjoying a cup of coffee. Before you leave, check out the T-street market where you can find handmade souvenirs. Don’t be surprised if you bump into some awesome street performers along the way.

–  Community Sites: Make a trip to Sea World and meet the “Father of Shekou”. Learn about the story of Yuan Geng, the pioneer behind the rapid development of Shekou during the early years of the reform and opening of Shenzhen. Enjoy a lovely stroll around Talent Park and get to know the history of how this city was built. You will leave the park with a greater understanding of Shenzhen history and maybe some inspiration to do something great yourself.

▲ Friends from all over the world work together on a Just Shenzhen Discovery Route

About Us

“One cannot simply observe a city to know it but must be immersed in it.”

Just Shenzhen Discovery Routes are a series of experiences developed and operated by CityPlus, an information platform that functions as a two-way exchange channel for international residents and visitors in Shenzhen. Our goal is to connect people to each other and create a sense of belonging and shared experience in our city through online content and offline activities such as collaborations with prominent brands, livestreaming large events, [email protected] how-to guides, and the Just Shenzhen Discovery Routes.



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