Foreigner’s Permanent Residence Permit 

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Is it necessary to apply for an employment permit after obtaining a Foreigner’s Permanent Residence Permit?





In order to expand production, a pharmaceutical R & D enterprise introduced some foreign talents. When the enterprise prepares to apply for the foreigner employment permit for these foreigners, some of them propose that they have obtained the foreigner permanent residence permit and do not need to apply for the foreigner employment permit again. Is that right?




For employment in China, foreigners need to enter China with Z visa (if there is a mutual visa exemption agreement, it shall be handled according to the agreement). After entering China, they also need to obtain foreigner work permit and foreigner residence permit. In recent years, the state has clearly proposed to implement a more open talent policy. Therefore, the law clearly stipulates that foreigners who have obtained the alien permanent residence permit enjoy the same rights and obligations as Chinese citizens in principle, except for their political rights and specific rights and obligations that cannot be enjoyed by laws and regulations. Therefore, if the foreign talents in this case have obtained the alien permanent residence permit in China, they do not need to apply for the Alien Employment Permit.


Legal basis


Measures for foreigners to enjoy relevant treatment for permanent residence in China


4. For employment in China, the foreigner employment certificate is exempted; Those who meet the conditions may have priority to apply for the foreign expert certificate, the returning (coming to China) expert certificate and the work and residence permit of local talents.


9. Foreigners’ permanent residence permit can be used as a valid identity document to go through various procedures for participating in social insurance. Those who are employed in China shall participate in various social insurances in accordance with the relevant provisions of the social insurance law of the people’s Republic of China; Those who live in China but are not employed and meet the provisions of the overall planning area may participate in the basic medical insurance and social endowment insurance for urban residents with reference to domestic urban residents and enjoy social insurance benefits. Handle the transfer, continuation and termination of social insurance relations, and the social insurance agency shall simplify the process and provide convenience in accordance with relevant regulations.


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