Futian’s Tightened COVID Restrictions

Now Shenzhen   |   June 27, 2022

ALL residential compounds and urban villages in Futian District are temporarily not allowed to receive visitors for three days from Saturday to today, according to a notice released by the district’s COVID-19 prevention and control headquarters Friday.

According to the notice, residents are required to take daily COVID tests in the three days and present negative 24-hour nucleic acid test results or proof of a nucleic acid test taken within 24 hours when entering all residential compounds and urban villages in Futian.

Delivery workers are not allowed to enter the housing compounds and urban villages, and residents’ online purchases must be placed at designated sites of the housing compounds or urban villages.

All parks in the district are closed during the three days, while restaurants are allowed to operate at 50% indoor seating capacity, the notice said.

Large-scale conferences, activities, forums, performances, exhibitions fairs, square dancing and other events are suspended. Residents must avoid gathering unless necessary.

Wholesale markets, excluding wet markets, and indoor entertainment premises such as karaoke lounges, chess and card rooms, cinemas, theaters, internet cafes, bars, billiard rooms, museums, libraries, gyms, indoor swimming pools, spas and training centers are required to suspend their indoor operations.

The interim measures are part of the district’s efforts to curb the spread of the latest COVID-19 flare-up. Since June 18, there have been several confirmed positive COVID cases in the city.

Shenzhen reported five locally transmitted confirmed COVID cases and two asymptomatic infections Friday and four asymptomatic infections Saturday, according to the city’s health commission. Most of the cases were found in Futian District.

In another development, Lu Yan, a health expert from the Shenzhen Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that when citizens travel to or stay near the key places where confirmed cases or asymptomatic infections have stayed, and may have contact with confirmed cases or asymptomatic infections, their health codes will turn yellow.

When the health codes have changed to yellow, citizens must go to the nearest nucleic acid testing sites for yellow health code holders after receiving relevant text messages. The health codes will turn green when the test results come back negative.

At present, the city has set up 61 special nucleic acid testing sites for yellow health code holders in hospitals and temporary nucleic acid sampling locations, the commission said.

ARTICLE FROM: Shenzhen Daily