Guangzhou Reports 3653 New Cases: 7 Districts Continue to Suspend Offline Teaching

Now Shenzhen   |   November 14, 2022

“Primary schools, secondary schools and kindergartens in Nansha District, Zengcheng District, Conghua District, and Huadu District (except for Xinhua Subdistrict and Huacheng Subdistrict) will resume offline teaching from November 14. Primary schools and secondary schools in other districts of Guangzhou continue online teaching and kindergartens remain close. Universities and other higher education institutions in Guangzhou should carry out closed-off management for education,” Chen Xueming, deputy director of Guangzhou Education Bureau, said at the press conference on the city’s fight against COVID-19 today (November 13).

On November 12, Guangdong reported 247 new locally transmitted confirmed COVID-19 cases and 3,541 new asymptomatic infections. In addition, there were 480 locally confirmed cases converted from previous asymptomatic cases.

(Photo: Nanfang Daily)

Guangzhou reports 3,653 new local COVID-19 infections

“On November 12, Guangzhou reported 3,653 new local COVID-19 infections, of which 25 were detected during screening at the community level, and the remaining were detected during quarantine or in high-risk areas. Among the new infections, 3,464 were asymptomatic and 189 were mild-type or moderate-type,” Zhang Yi, deputy director of the Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission, said at the press conference held on November 13.

Haizhu District reported 3,427 new cases on November 12. The new cases mainly concentrated in Kanglu area of Fengyang Subdistrict. The epidemic in the Longtan controlled area of Huazhou Subdistrict and Datang controlled area of Nanzhou Subdistrict is still developing.

In Panyu District, the epidemic concentrated in Dashi, Luopu, and Zhongcun Subdistrict and showed a trend of extension to the nearby communities. The risks of transmission in Shiqiao, Shawan, and Shatou Subdistricts have decreased.

The epidemic situation in Liwan District has stabilized, with most new cases detected during quarantine or screening of controlled areas.

There were cluster epidemics in Tongde Subdistrict and Jiahe Subdistrict of Baiyun District. The risks of transmission still exist in controlled areas. In the past 2 days, several new cases have been detected in Yuncheng, Sanyuanli and Jinsha Subdistricts, showing risks of community transmission.

Shenzhen reports 5+9 new local cases

On November 12, Shenzhen reported 5 new confirmed cases and 9 new asymptomatic infections, among which 9 were detected during centralized quarantine, 2 during home quarantine, 1 during screening of key individuals under closed-loop management, 1 during screening of key individuals under non-closed-loop management, and 1 during screening at the community level.

Foshan reports 2 new asymptomatic infections

On November 12, Foshan’s Sanshui District detected 2 new asymptomatic infections, both detected at community level. Their tracks involved Leping Town and Xinan Subdistrict.

Zhanjiang reports 1+3 new local cases

On November 12, Zhanjiang reported 1 new confirmed case and 3 new asymptomatic infections, who are truck drivers and their colleagues traveling from other provincial-level regions. All the cases have been transferred to the designated hospital under closed-loop management.

Zhongshan reports 2+1 new local cases

On November 12, Zhongshan reported 2 new confirmed cases and 1 new asymptomatic infection, all detected at community level. Their tracks involved Xiaolan Town.