GZ+8761, makeshift hospitals with 240,000+ beds constructed

Now Shenzhen   |   November 17, 2022
(Photo: Nanfang Daily)

“Guangzhou plans to construct more makeshift hospitals with more than 240 thousand beds to admit asymptomatic infections. Over 67 thousand beds are ready for use.” said Zhang Yi, deputy head of the Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission, at the press conference on Guangzhou’s fight against COVID-19 today (November 17).

On November 16, Guangdong reported 307 new locally transmitted confirmed COVID-19 cases and 8,576 new asymptomatic infections. In addition, there were 939 local confirmed cases converted from previous asymptomatic cases.

Guangzhou reports 8,761 new local COVID-19 infections

“On November 16, Guangzhou reported 8,761 new local COVID-19 infections, of which 16 were detected at the community level and the remaining infections were detected during quarantine, in high-risk areas or among key people under closed-loop management,” said Zhang Yi. Among the new cases, 275 were confirmed cases and 8,486 asymptomatic cases.

Haizhu District reported 8,582 local COVID-19 infections, 92.6% of which concentrated in Fengyang, Nanzhou and Huazhou Subdistricts. The cluster epidemic in Yuexiu District is still developing. The epidemic in Baiyun, Panyu, Tianhe, and Liwan Districts have stabilized. More than 30 subdistricts or towns degraded the level of risks or lifted control measures in some areas. 

Due to the large number of infected cases in Haizhu District, even if the Rt value remains at a low level(1.5), the number of new cases will still be large.

There were 6,006 confirmed cases hospitalized, among which 2 cases were severe type. The two cases, aged 62 and 82, are both elderly people with a variety of serious underlying diseases. Their conditions were basically stable. 

Zhuhai reports 8 asymptomatic cases

On November 16, Zhuhai added 8 asymptomatic cases. The cases’ tracks involve the Bus No.42, No.K9, No.504, No.803, and No.B3.

Shaoguan reports 1+1 cases

On November 16, Shaoguan added 1 confirmed case and 1 asymptomatic case, both were close contacts of previous confirmed cases and detected during quarantine. The cases lived in Wujiang District’s Xilian Town.

Huizhou reports 1+1 cases

On November 16, Huizhou added 1 confirmed case and 1 asymptomatic case, both were detected during quarantine.

Zhaoqing reports 15+17 cases

On November 16, Zhaoqing added 15 confirmed cases and 17 asymptomatic cases. The cases’ tracks involved Deqing County and Gaoxin District.