Hong Kong set to announce END to hotel quarantine TODAY

Now Shenzhen   |   September 23, 2022

Hong Kong is set to announce an end to mandatory hotel quarantine for arrivals, requiring people flying in to only monitor themselves for potential Covid-19 infections.

Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu will reveal details of the new arrangement at 3.30pm on Friday.

The current “3+4” arrangement for incoming travellers was eased from a week-long hotel isolation requirement on August 12. Arrivals have to quarantine in a designated hotel for three days and spend another four under home medical surveillance, with their movement citywide limited.

Those found to be infected with Covid-19 upon landing in Hong Kong are given a red health code, while a yellow version is issued to people under home medical surveillance, barring them from most premises, including restaurants and bars.

The Japanese government said that from October 11, the country would welcome foreign solo travellers and lift the cap on daily inbound arrivals.

China’s Taiwan region also plans to remove its mandatory three-day quarantine and welcome all visitors by October 13 at the earliest.