How Can Foreigners Get a Chinese “Green Card”?

NowShenzhen   |   May 5, 2018

Foreigner's permanent residence card

The Ministry of Public Security launched 16 immigration policy measures to support the construction of the Guangdong Free Trade Zone. These 16 measures mainly involved visas for foreigners, residence permits, and permanent residence cards.

Compared with existing immigration policy measures, these 16 new policies have many breakthroughs and innovations. Among them, the New Deal provides convenience for foreigners applying for a permanent residence card.

Who Are Qualified? 

  • Those who have made direct investment in China had stable investment conditions and kept good tax payment records for three consecutive years;
  • Those who have served senior management positions such as deputy general manager, deputy director etc. in China, or held senior titles such as associate professor, associate researcher, etc., enjoyed the same treatment, been in office for four consecutive years including accumulatively resided in China for not less than three years with good tax payment records;
  • Those who have had great or prominent contributions to China and are specifically needed by China; the spouse, children under the age of 18, and some immediate relatives at the age of 60 and above of the abovementioned persons;
  • The foreign spouses of the Chinese citizens or those with permanent residence status in China, who have had a marital relationship that lasts for five years, lived in China for a continuous period of five years, lived in China for not less than 9 months each year and had a stable living guarantee and domicile.
  • Aliens have been working in Guangdong for 4 consecutive years and lived no less than 6 months each year in China within 4 years; Annual salary income (before tax) exceeds 400,000 RMB for 4 consecutive years and are paid annually. Foreigners earning personal income tax of more than RMB 70,000 yuan may apply permanent residence in China after being recommended by the employer.
  • Foreign high-level talents identified by the Guangdong Province worked in Guangdong Province for three consecutive years. With working residence permit marked with “Talent”(人才)can apply for permanent residence in China.

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