Intl. School Creates Video To Support China Amid Epidemic

NowShenzhen   |   March 5, 2020
Video courtesy of Whittle School & Studios

FACULTY members and students from an international school’s Shenzhen and Washington D.C. campuses co-created a video, sending greetings and support from Washington D.C. to local residents of Wuhan, the city hit most severely by COVID-19.

Initiated by Zhang Xueying, a Chinese-language teacher at Whittle School & Studios’ Washington D.C. campus, the video contains best wishes to Wuhan from Whittle faculty and students as well as a Chinese song named “Tomorrow Will Be Better.” 

Rebecca Upham, vice chancellor and chairwoman of the school’s Washington D.C. campus, said in the video that Shenzhen is in their thoughts and that those closest to the outbreak have great spirit and will see a better tomorrow. 

Stephanie Fitzgerald, head of the early learning center division of the Washington D.C. campus, said she wants to send love and all the best to “all of our families and friends in China.” 

“We’re thinking about you and truly believe that tomorrow will be better,” she said. 

According to Zhang, the video took three weeks to make and was created to cheer for COVID-19 victims in Wuhan, Shenzhen and the whole of China. “We believe that whatever happens, we are all in this together regardless of age, nationality and language,” according to the video makers.

The two campuses opened in September 2019, and its Shenzhen campus has commenced online learning for students during the virus outbreak. 




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Source: This article originally published from Shenzhendaily