Kindergartens & Training Centers are OPENING!

Pro 1   |   May 25, 2020

​Finally, after a long wait Guangdong Province Education Bureau has announced the official reopening dates of kindergartens and training centers on 19th of May 2020. During the meeting by “Information Office, the People’s government of Guangdong Province”, education bureau officials has issued the statements below:

“After the provincial New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters’ research and decision, the province’s kindergartens and special education schools will conduct on-site inspection, acceptance, approval, and other safety precautions in accordance with relevant national and provincial regulations before the schools can start to reopen in batch after 2ndof June 2020

“Kindergartens and special education schools that meet the conditions and safety precautions for reopening can arrange staff to return to work before students do, and make preparations for epidemic prevention and control, and other necessary work matters in advance.”

“In addition, after 2ndof June 2020, after inspection and approval by local authorities, training centers/other education institutes can also resume on-campus teaching services for students.”

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