Privacy VS safety, which is more important?

NowShenzhen   |   March 27, 2020

隐私 Privacy & 安全 Safety

which is more important during the virus outbreak?


Things have changed so much here in Shenzhen compared to two months ago. People are not allowed to go anywhere without temperature check and are asked to scan QR codes to register and report their travel history on the metro, bus, in the taxi etc.

This has raised the question of whether this is invasion of privacy.

It might be concerning for some people for the information the Chinese authority is collecting from them.

So what’s the purpose of all these scanning?

There is only one purpose – to track you down, and inform you if there are confirmed cases reported at the places you’ve been to. Or if unfortunately you got infected, to inform the people who have been to places you’ve been to.

Also, due to the pandemic, people who enter China from 19 countries with outbreak will be put in a compulsory quarantine for 14 days. Some have no problem with it, but some are unwilling.

We all know the purpose of the quarantine is to stop the virus spreading. But it might be

difficult for some people to be quarantined for 14 days. Some even think that it’s violation of human rights.

What do you think? Which is more important for you?

Leave a comment below and tell us your opinion!

Don’t forget to wear masks, wash your hands and stay away from the crowds ! Stay safe!

01 Vocabulary

觉jué得de    to think (express opinion)

隐yǐn私sī    privacy

人rén权quán    human rights

安ān全quán    safety/security  

比bǐ    compare to

重zhònɡ要yào    important  

没méi有yǒu    not  

那nà么me    so

同tónɡ意yì/不bù同tónɡ意yì    agree/disagree

看kàn法fǎ    opinion

02 Sentence

To express your opinion, you can say:


I think that ……

(2)我wǒ觉jué得de A 比bǐ B 重zhònɡ要yào

 I think that A is more important than B


I think that privacy is more important than safety

03 To ask for someone’s opinion, you can say


What do you think?


Do you think….?


Do you think that human rights are more important than safety?

(4)你nǐ觉jué得de A 和hé B 哪nǎ个ɡe更ɡènɡ重zhònɡ要yào?

Which one do you think is more important? A or B?

04 To agree or disagree


I agree with you


I don’t agree


I don’t think that ……

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