Shenzhen Live Daily News Archive: January 2021 – July 2020

David Ho   |   September 1, 2020

Explore a collection of Live Daily News of Shenzhen and other resources on the Coronavirus (Covid19) outbreak and living in Shenzhen.

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Coming to Central Walk near The Brew in Futian will be the brand Revolucion Cocktail Bar.

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Dr. Sahu: Dedicated to genomics, he promotes SZ’s S&T innovation

Workers Flocking to China’s Tech Hub Can’t Afford to Buy Homes

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Shenzhen Drone Video from 2016

Tuesday December 15th

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Video tour of Street food in Shenzhen, China

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We are now listed in Google News.

Blast from the past: About 6 years ago the founder of this site Brent Deverman was featured on a half-hour TV program on CCTV4.

Saturday November 21st

Thursday November 12

Napoleon Biggs organizer of Web Wednesday is doing a video series on Rebooting Hong Kong and we discuss how Shenzhen can be an opportunity for Hong Kong companies.

Wednesday November 11

Monday November 9th

@???? Brent Deverman 码农 Half Ton does Russian Cuisine Nights on Sundays. (We hosted a foodie meet up there) and Turquoise does a similar Russian menu on Tuesday nights.

There is also a Russian grill in Longhua called ‘Shishlak’

– From JR

Saturday November 7th

Thursday November 5th

The most popular Shenzhen related video on Youtube with 16million views is two female pilots flying for Shenzhen Airlines.

Wednesday November 4th

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Friday October 30th

  • 4 new Metro sections open 深圳地铁四线同步开通,盐田、莲塘、福保等片区结束“无地铁”时代
  • New Restaurant in Shenzhen: Gecko has been in Changan, Dongguan for 15 years already and focuses on pizza, steaks and casual American. Will be opening in Seaworld early November. Relaxed restaurant / pub atmosphere with lots of outside seating and reasonable prices.

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Opinion | Smart Shenzhen getting smarter 

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Wednesday September 23rd

Avenues: The World School today announced it has been approved by the Nanshan Education Bureau to make preparations to expand its Shenzhen campus to include primary and junior secondary grades. Beginning in fall 2020 and subject to regulatory approvals, Avenues plans to offer compulsory education for grades 1–9 at its state-of-the-art Tanglang campus location and a program for grades 10–12 at its Learning Innovation Center.

Tuesday September 22nd

Saturday September 19th

Daycation Promotion at Kempinski Hotel Shenzhen

Thursday September 17th

We are also on Pinterest:

Monday September 14th

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Pet cafe in Costal City which is more like a zoo

New Ferris wheel being built in Shenzhen

Saturday September 12th

Thursday, September 8th

via Yann Le Barre

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Shenzhen 40th Anniversary Article Roundup

Wednesday, August 26th

The Acquired podcast series steps through how Internet companies are founded and then follow them through the exit. This episode is about Tencent. They have a whole season on Chinese internet companies and well worth a listen to know how we got here.

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California transplant restaurant Ensue in the Futian Shangri-La, Shenzhen celebrated its one-year anniversary

Shenzhen to get a Ferris wheel:

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Get your Mac or iPhone fixed in Shenzhen