More Rain Expected as Typhoon Skirts City

NowShenzhen   |   August 1, 2019

SHENZHEN’S meteorological observatory yesterday issued a yellow alert, the third on a five-tier warning system, for the whole city.

Wipha, the seventh typhoon of the year, made a landfall in Wenchang, Hainan, and delivered heavy rain as it skirted the city yesterday and forced the observatory to issue a yellow alert for torrential downpours.

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Earlier and predicted route of Wipha. SD-Agencies

The city will continue to see heavy rain and strong gales from early today through tomorrow, the observatory said. The rain will ease Saturday.

By 3 p.m. yesterday, 90 percent of the flights coming in and out of Shenzhen had not been affected. But the ferry services between Shenzhen and Macao, Zhuhai and Zhongshan were suspended.

Forecasts for today and next few days. Meteorological Bureau of Shenzhen Municipality.

Macao hoisted Signal No. 8, the third-highest level, yesterday. It canceled all marine transport and most flights, and suspended all school classes.

Hong Kong also issued Signal No. 8 yesterday. All schools and some of Hong Kong’s public services were suspended.

The Airport Authority Hong Kong said flights at Hong Kong International Airport might be affected by Wipha, and passengers should stay alert to their airline’s announcements and confirm their seats before heading to the airport.

Hainan also suspended all ferry services across the Qiongzhou Straits as well as the train services to and from the island.

Source/ Shenzhen Daily

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