The calculation standard based on salary for foreigners to get work permit in Shenzhen will be adjusted to 9192RMB per month from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020.

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In accordance with the regulation of “Notice of State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs,Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security,Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Public Security on the full implementation of the work permit institution for foreigners coming to China”, foreigner must meet the classification criteria when applying work permit in China. As mentioned in our previous article“Criteria (Category A, B,C) for Foreigners Employed in China”, there are two criteria for category A and category B are based on foreigner’s average monthly salary.

1.Foreign talent whose average monthly salary is no less 6 times than the local average monthly salary of the previous year.

Foreigner’s average monthly salary is no less than 55152RMB can be classified to Category A.

There are some convenient measures for talents of Category A to apply work permits. Such as no need non-criminal records, no need diploma authentication, etc. Contact us for details.

2. Skilled talents with qualification certificates and with no less 4 times than the local average monthly salary of the previous year. Average monthly salary should be no less than 36768RMB can be classified to Category B. Can ignore this standard if you have a bachelor degree and two years’relevant work experience. Contact us for non-bachelor degree work visa solutions.

How much individual income taxe(IIT) shall be paid for pre-tax salaries  36768RMB and 55152RMB?

(Remarks: Calculations are based on no exemption allowances, no social insurances, and non-residence tax payers)

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