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Coronavirus or more formally known as strain COVID-19 is affecting everyone’s lives in Shenzhen and the Greater Bay Area region. As we read information about the virus we will repost links here to keep the Shenzhen community informed.

Wednesday, Feb 19th 7:09am

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  • Mental health hotlines are springing up in China with varying levels of quality

Sunday, Feb 16th 14:54pm

Sunday, Feb 16th 13:59pm

Saturday, Feb 15th 22:41pm HKT

Saturday, Feb 15th 19:17pm HKT

What a beautiful love story
Full page advertisement in today’s “The Straits Times” in Singapore.

Saturday, Feb 15th 18:09pm HKT

We would like to inform you that Les 5 Chef’s is cooperating fully with the government to fight the corona virus, and that as such is only allowing takeaway and delivery orders as of this moment. Dine in, will be suspended until further notice.

Our kitchen is open every day from 11AM to 2PM and 6PM until 10PM, and delivery is available through Meituan & Shenzheneat

Please do not hesitate to contact us on 0755-26810468 should you have any questions. We hope that you and your families stay safe, and that we will be able to open as normal ASAP.

Saturday, Feb 15th 16:40pm HKT

  • Dear friends, we’d like to inform you that the G&D is joining the government in fighting the corona virus, and is allowing takeaway and delivery only. Dine-in is suspended until further notice. We hope that you and your families are safe!
Our kitchen is available every day from 10am to 11pm, and delivery is available through

Please do not hesitate to contact us at 15987949007 (Maggie); 18380296944 (Jack); 0755 2668 2034 or with your questions.
We hope that you and your families are safe and we’ll all soon successfully overcome this ordeal.

Saturday, Feb 15th 13:01pm HKT

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Saturday, Feb 15th 8:27am HKT

Friday, Feb 14th 17:15pm HKT

Friday, Feb 14th 13:41pm HKT

Friday, Feb 14th 11:50 am HKT

Thu, Feb 13th 21:14pm HKT

Thu, Feb 13th 17:14pm HKT

  • Restaurant service suspended across major GD cities
  • Coronavirus: 44 more cases on Diamond Princess cruise ship anchored off Japan
  • Henderson Land cuts rents by up to 60 per cent as Hong Kong issues SOS to support businesses, protect jobs

Thu, Feb 13th 13:02pm HKT

  • Fight for all, Stand against virus】The page is created by CityPlus & CAIXIN, which includes the real time national/local data and tips, as well as the exclusive access to in-depth reports from renowned Caixin Global. Hope all the citizens in Shenzhen including expatriates/visiting foreigners, as well as worldwide friends who care about us can know more and better about the epidemic issue and our reaction
  • Robots used to deliver food to workers
  • Abandoned Pets Amidst Quarantine Fears
  • Expats in China struggle with lost wages, abandoned and hungry pets, and the looming threat of quarantines amid coronavirus outbreak
  • Cruise ship stranded at sea by coronavirus fears to dock in Cambodia
  • In order to provide foreigners staying in Shenzhen timely consultation and assistance on their daily medical concern and epidemic prevention and control of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, Vista-SK has opened 24-hour consultation services.
The video was taken 9 days ago around HuaChangbei & CoCo park by an expat showing how deserted Shenzhen presently is.

Thu, Feb 13th 6:17am HKT

Wed, Feb 12th 21:35pm HKT

Wed, Feb 12th 14:17pm HKT

Source: Shenzhen Daily

Wed, Feb 12th 9:28am HKT

Tue, Feb 11th 22:50pm HKT

Tue, Feb 11th 21:25pm HKT

Tue, Feb 11th 12:06am HKT

  • Managing Your Mental Health During Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia

Tue, Feb 11th 6:15am HKT

Mon, Feb 10th 21:30pm HKT

Mon, Feb 10th 19:36pm HKT

Mon, Feb 10th 6:35am HKT

Sun, Feb 9th 4:52pm HKT

The Brew in Futian has to close temporarily due to restrictions on dine-in restaurants.
Some restaurants are still open for takeaway as long as you wear a mask.

Sun, Feb 9th 12:22pm HKT

Sat, Feb 8th 22:00pm HKT

Sat, Feb 8th 1:35pm HKT

  • a16z Podcast talking about the Coronavirus and how quickly we could sequence the genome and publish it compared to SARS
  • SCMP has an update of the Shenzhen Bay border situation now that the quarantine is in effect
  • Tokyo Cheapo asks the question is it safe to travel to Hong Kong?

Sat, Feb 8th 9:17am HKT

Fri, Feb 7th 20:46pm HKT

Fri, Feb 7th 11:00am HKT

Read about the effect on cross-border commutes and access to medication for normal cross border workers

Fri, Feb 7th 5:60am HKT Shenzhen Coronavirus

Newsletter about the affects on the wine trade and F&B industry in Beijing. The China Food & Drinks Fair (Tang Jiu Hui in Chengdu) has been postponed.

Coronavirus: Hubei province reports 69 deaths and 2,447 new confirmed cases on Thursday

Updated the page below to include links to official government websites.

Empty store shelves in Hong Kong due to 2019-nCoV
Last couple days the Hong Kong super markets have been sold out on some daily necessities such as toilet paper.

Thur, February 6th 2020 21:16pm HKT

Reduced buses and transport from Shenzhen Bay starting from Saturday

Thur, February 6th 2020 18:05pm HKT

“A Heart For China” is looking for donation support to provide supplies to hospitals in Hubei.

Thur, February 6th 2020 4:51HKT

Q&A with medical adviser to the International Air Transport Association on how to protect yourself from the virus.

Thur, February 6th 2020 7:51 HKT

Hong Kong F&B industry drops 5.9% drop. First annual decline since SARS

New symptoms related to the corona virus added to the diatonic list in China adding a “light” category of cases with mild symptoms

Wed, February 5th 2020 21:49 HKT

Cross the border from Shenzhen to Hong Kong and you will need to stay in a 14 day quarantine according to Hong Kong government.

Cathay pacific has asked their staff to take 3 weeks of unpaid leave to reduce their operating costs during the corona virus outbreak.

The Hong Kong government has created a web app to track the latest novel coronavirus infection situation in Hong Kong.

Coronavirus Shenzhen Past Info

Cases of coronavirus in Shenzhen have risen to 269.

Macau casinos are closed for around two weeks.

Contacts for foreign nationals in China.

2019-nCoV what you need to know

In depth articles about the virus answering your questions:

Government Info and other official information on Coronavirus

Live Data Sources & Tools to visualize the outbreak

Other Live Blogs about the Coronavirus

How to Keep Yourself Safe From The Coronavirus?

Facts about the Novel Coronavirus

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