2020 brings a new addition to your library. After spending countless hours compiling, translating, and reviewing the most useful and essential information, we are proud to present this guide for expats in Zhaoshang Sub-district. Since this book is quite thick, as it is jam-packed with resources, let’s take a quick look at what it has to offer. 

It’s super useful, check it out.

This guide has almost everything residents may need to know to enjoy Zhaoshang Sub-district to the fullest.

Why Choose This Guide?

As a first-time visitor to Shenzhenthis guide is your trusted companion, providing you with information about:

Zhaoshang Sub-district: It tells you where you could seek help (police stations and service centers for expats) and where you could have fun (cinemas, shopping malls, tourist sites, and restaurants). It is also one of the fastest way to familiarize yourself with your new community.

To get around the great metropolis known as Shenzhen, you need to know our transportation services. Whether you need the metro, bus, taxi, online car-hailing, ferry, water bus, high-speed railway, or even the way to airport, you could find it all in this handy guide, which simplifies Shenzhen’s seemingly complicated transportation system.

Life Services: How can you meet all of your needs with just a smart phone? This guide can help you learn more about the most popular apps in China, such as WeChat, Didi, Taobao, Meituan and Alipay. It covers transferring money, car-hailing, ordering takeout, shopping, booking hotels, and more. It also introduces EatForCharity (a multi-language platform for ordering takeout), how to recycle domestic waste, and dog registration. 

Get your guide today to share with family and friends. Soon, you will know almost anything that is to living life to the fullest in Zhaoshang Sub-district!

How to get your free copy

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