Numerous Dead Fish Floating on the Lake of Minghu Park

Vera Tse   |   September 2, 2021

Countless dead fish are floating on the lake of Minghu Park in Guangming District, Shenzhen and the disgusting odours spread miles away, local media reported recently.

The park was built and open to the public in 2008 with a total investment reaching 55 millions and 10.18 millions of which were used for improving water quality. Good times do not last long. Since this September, citizens have found abundant dead fish floating on the water and reported it to relevant departments later. However, It seemed that relevant departments didn’t take it seriously at the very beginning, or the dead fish would not widespread. According to the local media, the causes could be these two: firstly, domestic sewage has been drained into the lake without treatment, and secondly density of fish in the lake is too high to keep them living and this is because more than 80 tons of water has been drained away for the safety check of the dam recently.

An interesting question raised by media and the public is why the sewage still can enter the lake without disposal since the government has invested 10.18 millions in water quality improvement. A comprehensive sewage disposal system should has been established. However, the local relevant departments have not given out an explanation yet and everything is under investigation. Dead fish now are under treatment according to the report.



Thousands of dead fish in Guangming lake

Photos from Caixin Online

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