Do Foreign Citizens Need To Be Quarantined When Entering China?

David Ho   |   March 19, 2020

Do foreign citizens need to be quarantined when entering China?

For those who have symptoms or come from hard-hit countries or regions, or those people with close contact with confirmed or suspected cases, customs will strictly carry out epidemiological screening, medical examinations and laboratory testing.

Confirmed cases, suspected cases, and people with symptoms and those in close contact with suspected cases will be quarantined and kept for observation. These measures in accordance with Chinese laws and regulations, are not only necessary for the current epidemic control work, but are also effective for preventing the transnational spread of the epidemic

Are the prevention and control measures for foreign Citizens the same as those for Chinese citizens?

The Chinese government has been treating Chinese and foreign citizen’s on an equal and legitimate basis when taking novel coronavirus epidemic prevention measures.

How do People declare their health upon arrival?

China has adopted strict measures regarding entry-exit epidemic control, including requiring a declaration of health to screen people with any symptoms. Health declaration cards are available in over 10 languages and QR codes are offered to automate screening. Meanwhile, body temperature monitoring and medical inspections are strictly carried out.

During the period of epidemic prevention and control, what should you do if your visa has expired?

With no need for a separate application, foreigners in China will have their stay or residence permits extended automatically for two months during the epidemic period.

What about visas when the foreign citizen’s come to China to participate in epidemic prevention?

Immigration offices nationwide will issue urgent exit and entry permits within 24 hours for those coming to China for anti-COVID-19 missions, including medical assistance, pharmaceutical development and academic exchanges. Additionally, it’s possible to apply for a special visa at Chinese ports of entry if the journey is made on short notice.

When will the postgraduate entrance examination for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan be held?

The relevant departments issued a notice that the 2020 postgraduate entrance examination for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, which was originally scheduled to be held from April 18 to 19, will be postponed. Specific work arrangements and other matters will be further notified according to the progress of epidemic prevention and control situation.

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