Which Food & Beverage Businesses are Running Food Delivery & Takeaway Service in Shenzhen?

David Ho   |   February 22, 2020

The coronavirus outbreak in China is challenging all F&B businesses to think about how to carry on with business. Recently, more and more food and beverage shops started food delivery and takeaway service. Meituan launched the contactless delivery amid China Coronavirus Outbreak. They are trying to avoid contact with others as much as they can. In a contactless delivery order, the courier will drop the order at a location the shopper requested in advance and then call the customer to pick it up, avoiding meeting in person. 

Since the Cornonnavirus outbreak, many grocery stores and supermarkets are emptied out. Food delivery is very important to those who are stuck or quarantined at home. It also helps restaurants to continue their business when they are struggling to survive at this hard time.

In Shenzhen, Meituan, Ele.me, ShenzhenEat all are offering online Food delivery services. Meituan and Ele.me are Chinese App. Most Chinese are using them to order daily meals, fresh vegetables and raw produce for meals cooked at home. ShenzhenEat is an online English delivery website that most foreigners are known in Shenzhen.

Meituan APP
Ele.me App
ShenzhenEat Website

So, what should you really know?

We have listed the food & beverage which are serving the food delivery and takeaway service, ensuring the freshness and deliciousness delivered to you.

We will keep you updated on the list, stay tuned!