Yes! We’re Open

David Ho   |   March 6, 2020

Dear guests of Shaughnessy Restaurant and Bar:

We are proud to be among one of the first restaurants in Shenzhen certified to operate during the flu season. Our outstanding quality in the high-end dry-aged (28-150 days) USDA prime steak game is as strong as ever and served alongside new items such as steak cheeseburgers and fried chicken sandwiches in our takeout menu.

Our food may be bought raw at a 20% discount to be made at home by our clients who prefer to cook products at home. We have fun DIY tutorials on our douyin/tik-tok account: 1883300226 (Shaughnessy Sz) to help with home cooking.

Lastly, our subsidiary brand BC PHO which serves North American styled Vietnamese pho is served on all takeout platforms of Shaughnessy Restaurant and Bar (such as Meituan, etc).

The Shaughnessy team would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a prosperous new year, great health, and happy dining!

Address: Shop 10-11, -1/F, China Chuneng Building, Keyuan Lu, Nanshan District 

Metro Station: Shenzhen University, Line Luobao 

Phone: 0755-8696 9489