Shenzhen Xiangmihu Urban Design

NowShenzhen   |   June 22, 2019
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Xiangmihu is located within the Futian District, home to the Shenzhen government. The masterplan proposal reveals Xiangmihu Park City as a global leader in health, happiness and harmonious living. It proposes a world class public domain and a high quality collection of urban quarters that are seamlessly knitted together by an intelligent and responsive multi-modal transport system.

A key unifying element is a 21st century park that penetrates the urban fabric allowing visitors to explore the wonder, diversity and interaction of plants, leisure, sport, recreation, art, theatre and learning. Framing the parkland environment is an active promenade loop that animates and connects the site together.

Central to the park is a cultural axis that is anchored by three city icons. At the centre of these icons is a new International Exchange, theatre and hotel that animates the adjacent civic plaza.

Complimenting the parkland environment is a diverse mix of land that will strengthen Shenzhen’s global positioning and role within the Greater Bay Area.

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