Six die in space ride horror!

Monica Zhou   |   September 2, 2021 has an article named “Six die in space ride horror” by Phila Siu, Serinah Ho, Rebecca Yu andBeatrice Siu.

Six people were killed in a thrill-ride plunge at a popular amusement park in Shenzhen yesterday.

At least nine people – two from Hong Kong – were also injured when the Space Journey, a dome-like, space shuttle simulator plunged 12 meters to the ground with more than 40 people inside.

The accident happened at 4.45pm in Ecoadventure Valley, part of the nine- square-kilometer Overseas Chinese Town East tourist resort.

But circumstances surrounding the tragedy remained under tight wraps last night, with no details being offered by authorities or park executives.

A deputy general manager of Overseas Chinese Town East, named Wang, limited himself to saying through Xinhua News Agency that an accident was being investigated.

But witnesses were able to provide a brief outline of what happened.

A woman named Zhang from Henan who was riding in the simulator recounted: “There was a sudden loud boom inside the cabin. Then everything went black and I don’t know what happened. I was in the hospital when I woke up.”

She broke her right hand and left leg. Her sister had been with her in the simulator, but her condition was not known.

A rider who escaped unhurt said: “There was a power cut when the crash happened and I smelled something burning. We managed to open the door to escape before firefighters arrived to rescue others.”

Another person who made it out without serious injury recalled a smell of burning rubber and the door being jammed. The people inside were trapped and then rescuers broke in, he said.

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