Sleep next to toilet: cheap micro hotel is only 60 yuan a night

Now Shenzhen   |   March 25, 2023
By Alice Yan for SCMP
  • A hotel offering micro rooms with a toilet next to the bed has started a heated debate on mainland social media
  • The hotel charges just US$8.7 per night and is popular with visiting patients at a nearby health centre and students preparing for their exams
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A hotel offering micro rooms with a toilet right next to the bed for 60 yuan (US$8.7) per night has generated heated discussion in China.

Red Star News reported that the eight-square metre room is being offered by a hotel in a residential community in Zhengzhou, the capital city of Henan province in central China.

It attracted widespread attention on the mainland after a blogger uploaded video footage showing the tiny room and its controversial toilet on the video platform last month.

The blogger, known as Hei Mao Zhang, spent just three hours in the room and did not stay overnight, said the room has basic facilities and is clean.

“But the bed is too close to the toilet. The smell in the room is a bit ‘subtle’,” he said, implying the room smells unpleasant due to a toilet being located in the tiny room.

In his video, besides the bed and the toilet, there is an air conditioner, a wash basin, a mirror, a coat hanger, a kettle, a ventilator and a landscape painting in the room.