SZ-HK Metro fare payments mutually recognized

Now Shenzhen   |   January 13, 2023

PASSENGERS using Shenzhen Metro app, AlipayHK app or Alipay app can pay for Metro fares both in Shenzhen and Hong Kong starting from yesterday, according to an announcement from Shenzhen Metro Group.

Shenzhen Metro app users, after upgrading to the latest app version, can switch the city to Hong Kong and obtain a code to ride the Hong Kong MTR trains. It is the same for AlipayHK and Alipay app users from Hong Kong when they take the Metro in Shenzhen.

The mutually recognized payments don’t cover the tram in Shenzhen, or light rails and airport express trains in Hong Kong. The fares of Shenzhen Metro app users using the service in Hong Kong can only be paid through Alipay, Shenzhen Metro Group reminded.

Passengers can call 0755-8669-9000 or 852-2245-3201 if they encounter any problems when using the service.

ARTICLE FROM: Shenzhen Daily