Dine With Confidence In Terrace

David Ho   |   March 12, 2020


After passing China’s stringent Covid-19 requirements, Terrace has resumed normal table service as of March 1st, 2020. We have been strictly following the guidance of the government on epidemic prevention and will continue to do so. The following is a list of the steps we have taken to ensure a safe dining environment as well as delivery and take-out orders:

01 食品安全管理 Food Safety Management


Strictly control the purchasing, storage and quality of raw materials, providing fresh food every day, so that you can enjoy your meal with the utmost confidence. Our kitchen staff have been trained to follow strict hygiene procedures. Their temperature and general health is assessed on a daily basis and recorded. 

02 员工防护管理 Employee Protection Management



All Terrace staff wear masks, take the employees temperature daily and keep a record, and of course, frequently wash their hands.

03 餐具消毒 Tableware Disinfection

餐具使用高温消毒 85—95℃,有效保障餐具安全。

Terrace tableware is sterilized at high temperature of 85-95 ℃, which effectively ensures the tableware safety.  

04 环境安全管理 Environmental Safety Management


We disinfect our venue several times every day and disinfect tables immediately after each customer leaves. We also keep our doors open to keep the restaurant ventilated.   


05 消费者防护管理 Consumer Protection Management


We take the temperature of every guest, provide them with sanitizer and remind them to wash their hands.

Dining tables are all placed at an appropriate distance.

06 外卖无接触服务  Take-out and Delivery Contactless Service  


Set up a delivery point and take temperature measurements for the delivery personnel. Ensure food safety during transportation.