Two New Flower Fields in Parks

Now Shenzhen   |   April 21, 2022

Shenzhen is never short of colored flowers, and recently two large fields of flowers have become new Instagram spots in town.

Loucun Wetland Park


Canna indica flowers at Loucun Wetland ParkPhotos from WeChat accounts “xmgy21712” and “mlszgzh”

Canna indica flowers (美人蕉), commonly known as Indian shot, African arrowroot, edible canna or purple arrowroot, are in full bloom in an 8,000-square-meter field in Loucun Wetland Park. The flowers come in beautiful and exotic yellow, orange, pink or red blossoms, and sometimes have spots or flames on them, giving the plants a very elegant appearance.


A visitor holds a paper cut-out in front of flowers to complete a drawing at Loucun Wetland Park.

There are also sunflower and rapeseed flower fields inside the park, which make it an ideal place for locals to relax in the upcoming May Day holiday.


Venue: Loucun Wetland Park, Guangming District (光明区楼村湿地公园)

Metro: Line 6 to Loucun Station (楼村站), Exit B


Xiangmi Park

The 2,000-square-meter Hilltop Rose Garden located between Litchi Orchard and Lehuo Square at Xiangmi Park has recently been cultivated. The main species in the garden are pink-a-boo rose (粉扇月季), hiogi rose (绯扇月季), large flowered climber rose (光谱月季) and Parkdirektor Riggers rose (御用马车月季).


Chinese roses at the Hilltop Rose Garden at Xiangmi Park.

The Hilltop Rose Garden is separate from the older 8,000-square-meter Rose Garden next to Huami Lake (花蜜湖) inside the park. According to the park administration, some flowers in the old rose garden have been trimmed, while roses in the new garden are in full bloom.


Chinese roses at Xiangmi Park.

Venue: Hilltop Rose Garden, between Litchi Orchard and Lehuo Square, inside Xiangmi Park, Futian District (福田区香蜜公园里荔枝园与乐活广场之间山顶玫瑰园)

Metro: Line 7 to Nonglin Station (农林站), Exit C


ARTICLE FROM: Eye Shenzhen