Video | City launching brand-new promo video

David Ho   |   October 22, 2020
Video and photos courtesy of Foreign Affairs Office of Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government

SHENZHEN is launching a new promotional video for the city, reinforcing the image of Shenzhen as a thriving and vibrant international metropolis of openness and diversity.

The video, themed “Shenzhen in Depth,” invites the audience to embark on an over-three-minute tour, through visual and auditory stimulus, to explore the “depth” of Shenzhen following the flowing pictures and a melodious piano piece played by Lang Lang, a world renowned pianist and the international image ambassador for Shenzhen.

As a special gift dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, the video aims to showcase the endless charm of Shenzhen and attract more young people at home and abroad to come to this city of dreams to explore infinite possibilities.

The video, produced by BloomingTime Project, highlights views of the city’s staple landmarks, beautiful natural scenery, scenic spots, cultural and historical heritage, daily life scenes and more, showing an incredibly friendly city where people from different backgrounds live and work.

The video focuses on the ordinary and true-to-life pictures and creates an immersive visual experience through the first-person perspective, which enables the audience to feel the rhythm of the city by following the lens of the camera, according to the Shenzhen Municipal Foreign Affairs Office.

The openness and inclusion of Shenzhen has also provided a source of boundless inspiration and creativity to the producer, as there is no pre-planned script and the specific images presented in the video are inspired by the rich and diverse urban scenes.

In the process of conception, shooting and post-production, the video’s producer has constantly reconstructed and artistically reproduced the city images, thus forming a kaleidoscopic view of Shenzhen.

The video was officially launched and debuted on Shenzhen Daily’s YouTube, Facebook and Twitter accounts last night. It is also available on, and the official App and WeChat and Weibo account of Shenzhen Daily.

Originally Published @ shenzhendaily.