Shenzhen Weekly Round Up – Apr 26, 2022: Smoothies, Music Fest, Clean Air and the Canton Fair

Now Shenzhen   |   April 26, 2022

Dear Shenzhen-er, 

Did a slightly better job at avoiding the topic of Covid this week, just a light refresher on the definition “dynamic” zero covid. The Canton Fair - bellwether of the import/export business - concluded at the end of last week setting a number of new records and with many exhibitors leveraging digital tech (fancy a virtual factory tour anyone?) to circumvent some of Covid’s effects. Short piece on Shenzhen’s air quality - something I personally harp on when goaded into comparing reasons to live here instead of Shanghai or Beijing.

Looking forward to continuing our celebration of Shenzhen’s liberation from Covid by attending the Dive music fest over the labor day holiday. There were about 50 tickets left as of yesterday so if you’re still on the fence - get off it and buy a ticket :). Fun is good for you. Terrace is running a smoothie promo until the end of the month and if you're in the mood for Indian over the weekend take a gander at Dawat’s Anniversary Dinner!

Keep your health code pinned to your homescreen, get outside, and enjoy yourself this week!


David & The NowShenzhen Team


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