Shenzhen Weekly Round Up – Aug 8, 2022: Covid Restrictions Reduced, Taiwan, and the Lockdown in Hainan

Now Shenzhen   |   August 8, 2022

Dear Shenzhen-er,

For those of you that were hiding under a rock on the beach (or a great number of drinks) this past week you'll want to do your own Googling on what went down with a certain US politician at a certain contended island this past Tuesday. I watched the plane land in silence whilst frantically refreshing my twitter feed. Ramifications will likely continue - we'll all have to wait and see what trickles down to our daily lives in the weeks ahead. Here's a brief article on the military exercises that took place as a result of that episode of political drama.

More positive news when it comes to Covid and international travel. China announced a reduction in the Covid related flight suspension guidelines - for those familiar with this protocol the term "circuit breaker" should ring a bell. Bad news as well - as of Saturday Sanya has entered into a lockdown stranding thousands of tourists (sorry if you're one of them reading this).

We're organizing an Amazon Meetup this Thursday with Mambo in Shuiwei (come chat it up with Mike!). For a full list of events please check our webpage.

-David & The NowShenzhen Team

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