Shenzhen Weekly Round Up – July 11, 2022: Light at the End of the Covid Tunnel?

Now Shenzhen   |   July 11, 2022

Dear Shenzhen-er,

Seeing some light at the end of the tunnel in the headelines this week. Leadership is signaling for the country at large to embrace exchange with other nations, a newly developed Covid therapy hits the commercial 'streets', and in our neck of the woods Qianhai received a local Expat delegation to showcase the special initiatives designed to attract outside talent. We're still putting together a consolidated, daily upated, Covid resource page for you - look for that next week!

Venues around the city continue to treat us to a variety of great deals when it comes to events. I've been personally extending a lot of support to the comedy community over the past few weeks - we all could benefit from regular laugh sessions during these trying times in my humble opinion. Shark, Azzurro, and Red are throwing another swanky Buffet/Party this coming Wednesday in Coco Park, their annual party a few weeks back was great and I'm sure this one will deliver a similar punch of fun. As always check out the full events page to see everything that's going on this week.

Finally, we'll be launching some of our own community events this month - we hope these will allow you to connect and support one another as we journey together through these difficult times.

-David & The NowShenzhen Team

P.S. - I know many of our friends have been leaving and will continue to leave us during the summery holiday. Chin up! Don't worry, you're not alone, you've still got community here and we have your back! 😀.

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