Shenzhen Weekly Round Up News, Apartments, Jobs, Events: Mar 1, 2022

Now Shenzhen   |   March 1, 2022

Dear Shenzhen-er, 

Lockdowns and The Russian-Ukranian conflict are the headlining stories this week. Mike and I are stuck in a control area until the 8th of March ourselves - see our list of lockdown locations for the latest. We’ve been in touch with many local venues that are really feeling the sting of this latest round of movement restrictions - if you have the ability to - support our local F+B businesses by ordering takeout! Students of Shenzhen are scheduled to return from Ukraine soon and if you’re lucky enough not to be grounded in some variety of quarantine The Clubhouse at Residence G is running a special on steaks

Stay safe out there and don’t worry local online and offline grocery stores are promising to do their part to keep us supplied while we’re stranded inside trying not to tear each other’s hair out… on the bright side, that’s not a problem if the last 2 years have already caused you to lose all of it! 😀


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