Shenzhen Weekly Round Up – Mar 20: Russian Overtones, SZ Airport Awards, and a Trip to Spain

Now Shenzhen   |   March 20, 2023

Dear Shenzhen-er,

On the national stage our fearless leader made a trip to Moscow - mind the spin per usual. In local news you'll be proud to hear that our very own Bao'an International Airport was rated the world's most improved airport in 2023 and the mayor of our modern metropolis led a delegation on a three-day visit to Spain from last Thursday.

Bionic Brew's 8th Electric City Craft Beer Fest stole the limelight this weekend - the entire expat community seemed to be out in force. A huge thanks to Bionic for soldering through the swamp of these past handful of years and delivering another smash hit of an outing for our people. We also had the opportunity to attend the European Chamber's Gala event this past week and were pleasantly surprised by the impressive turnout and energy. Lastly we'd like to send our thanks to Shekou International School for throwing their Winter Bazaar event over the weekend. They also enjoyed a great turnout and, on a personal note, it was comforting to once again see parents chasing around children wearing inflatable wings with faces covered in cotton candy.

If you're interested in unloading some of your stories of bad luck in a social setting this week Lazy Laowai's Unlucky event should provide the perfect outlet. I'm sure few of us are lacking after the last three years. Lots to do out there - for a look at all of what's coming up this week check out our events page as usual!


-David & The NowShenzhen Team

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