Shenzhen Weekly Round Up – Oct 3, 2022: Happy National Day Holiday! (Fluff, Fun, and Lockdown Rumors Smooshed)

Now Shenzhen   |   October 3, 2022

Dear Shenzhen-er,

Happy National Holiday! Hope you're too busy relaxing and having fun out there to read this release. Primarily fluff today to keep the mood in tune with the week ahead. Here's a short video showcasing expat's views of the past decade in Shenzhen, a little positive tourism news out of Shanghai - Disneyland expecting to see record crowds, and a call to action for us to join in the conversation about rules and regulations for our cities parks.

Total new cases yesterday came to 32 with 1 found in community screening. For those of you listening to the whispers through the grapevine about possible lockdowns late last week - you'll be happy to know those claims have been debunked (a few juvenile delinquents are to blame).

In events - Moroccan Laila night aims to offer something different (there's a private jet parked at the venue - top shelf gimmick if you ask me) and the guys down at Favella / Brass house are throwing a 2-day "Afro Fever" event. Plenty going on in town - check out our events page to see all upcoming activites.


-David & The NowShenzhen Team

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