Where to Watch Every FIFA World Cup Game in Shenzhen

Now Shenzhen   |   November 21, 2022

The only question worth asking when the World Cup rolls around – even corrupt ones hosted in countries with horrific human rights offenses – is: “where are we watching the match?“.

Thankfully, Shenzhen is home to an array of multicultural bars & restaurants, from Aussie-owned diners and Kiwi craft beer bars with a US face, to Mexican cantinas in their abundance, a Brazilian back-alley corner, and a good old-fashioned British pub. But who’s showing 3am kick-offs? Who has the biggest screens? And where can you get the best beer? Let’s find out…

Bionic Brew

Location : Bionic Brew (Nantou Branch)
Home Team: Germany & USA
Screens: 1 TV Screen
Highlight: In association with ‘Little Red Book’ you can win free beers if the red team (Spain, Belgium, Denmark or Switzerland) wins, and 3 beers for 100RMB deal during games
3am kick-offs? : No


Home Team: “I’m more of a hockey guy”
Screens: 2 65″ screen TVs
Highlight: Buy 2 get 1 free happy hour deal
3am Kick-offs?: No – Replays the next day


Home Team: Brazil & Netherlands
Screens: 6 large TV screens
Highlight: The entire Shuiwei street is being transformed into a World Cup hub creating a true festival vibe
3am Kick-offs?: Yes

Cactus Smokehouse

Location: Cactus Smokehouse
Home Team: Mexico & USA
Screens: Large projector and 2 TVs inside & 1 TV outside
Highlight: Massive screen & a 2-10pm buy-one-get-one happy hour
3am Kick-offs?: Yes – if enough interest

Captain J’s

Location: Captain Js Bakery
Home Team: England & Netherlands
Screens: 84″ projector screen
Highlight: 150RMB all you can eat and drink for 2 hours
3am kick-offs?: No

Craft Head

Location: Craft Head Brewing CO Jakaha
Home Team: USA
Screens: Projector upstairs & downstairs
Highlight: Incredible craft beers, and a “Choose Your Team” deal – each time your team scores, your beer gets cheaper
3am Kick-offs?: Yes – if more than 5 people are in the bar

Craft Head Minle

Location: Craft Head Jakaha Craft Beer
Home Team: USA
Screens: 3 large TV screens inside &
a projector outside
Highlight: One of our favourite beer gardens in the city, and a chance to drink for free with the bar giving away up to 100 beers whenever (if) Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, or Belgium win.
3am Kick-offs?: Yes – if more than 5 people are in the bar


Location: FAVELA
Home Team: Brazil & Serbia
Screens: 1 projector, 1 large TV screen & a huge LED wall/screen
Highlight: Drip Lab cocktails & massive screens
3am Kick-offs?: Yes

George & Dragon

Location: George & Dragon St. George Western Restaurant
Home Team: England, Wales & Netherlands
Screens: 4 large TVs (2 inside and 2 outside) downstairs & 2 TVs and a projector upstairs
Highlight: Traditional British pub that no doubt English & Welsh fans will flock to, creating a fantastic atmosphere
3am Kick-offs?: Yes

Glass Hammer

Location: Glass Hammer
Home Team: Italy (…awkward)
Screens: 1.8m projector and TV screen inside & 2 42″ screen TVs outside
Highlight: Great terraced area, big screens, and beer/mixed drink tower & snack deals
3am Kick-offs?: Weekends – yes
Weekdays – dependant on demand

Half Ton

Location: Half Ton Brewery (Chegongmiao store)
Home Team: Ukraine
Screens: Huge projector
Highlight: Great value food & drink packages & some of the best craft beer in SZ
3am Kick-offs?: Contact the venue

Juice Baby

Location: Juice Baby CafeLounge bar
Home Team: USA
Screens: 2 decent sized TVs
Highlight: Street corner drinking with lock-in style 3am games, accompanied by hot dog/burger combos during games
3am Kick-offs?: Yes

La Lupita & Revolucion

Location: La Lupita Taqueria
Home Team: Mexico
Screens: Outside projector
Highlight: Buy one get one easy mix drinks (except Fri & Sat), 30RMB frozen margaritas, and fantastic Mexican food
3am Kick-offs?: Only Friday & Saturday games


Location: LEGEND Simple Restaurant
Home Team: England
Screens: 3 TV screens – 2 outside and 1 huge one inside
Highlight: One of Shenzhen’s most popular sports bars and extended kitchen hours until 1am
3am Kick-offs?: Yes

King’s Bar

Location: King’s Bar
Home Team: Brazil
Screens: 1 projector screen & 3 large TVs
Highlight: A proper pub atmosphere with a “Predict the Score” deal – predict the score and get a free round of 6 shots
3am Kick-offs?: Yes – if there is a demand

Salt & Talk

Location: SALT & TALK
Home Team: Australia & USA
Screens: 130″ LED TV inside &
3 50″ TVs outside
Highlight: One of the biggest screens in the city & great happy hour deals
3am kick-offs? : No


Home Team: Germany & Spain
Screens: 2 projector screens & 1.8m-3m liquid-crystal display
Highlight: Massive screens and great deals starting from a 3L pitcher & 2 snacks for 168RMB
3am Kick-offs?: Yes

Tequila Coyote’s

Location: Tequila Coyote’s
Home Team: Mexico
Screens: 4 large TV screens
Highlight: 30RMB frozen margaritas & draft beer during games
3am kick-offs?: No
(Will not be ready for the start of the World Cup)

It’s important to note that all venues showing 3am kick-offs reserve the right to close before/mid-game, should business and demand not be enough to justify remaining open. And then there’s the issue of the (fun) police, as we all know what happened last summer at the Euro’s final…
Though, if you are planning to attend one of the venues for a 3am kick-off, please contact the them ahead of time to signal your intent so that they’re aware, and can plan accordingly!
And lastly, we hope that all the Italians in Shenzhen have an enjoyable World Cup… oh, wait