An Essential Guide To EDM Clubs in Shenzhen

Cian   |   August 24, 2019

An Essential Guide To EDM Clubs in Shenzhen

Nothing gets the heart racing like an EDM club. The lights, the people, the atmosphere, and of course, the music. It’s quite an incomparable experience.

Shenzhen is a huge city that has adopted the ethos of ‘work hard, play hard’ with some enthusiasm. There’s certainly no shortage of clubs to dance the night away, but we’ve managed to narrow the list down to five of our absolute favorites.

Keep in mind that this guide is focused on large Chinese EDM clubs and the list is in alphabetical order.

  1. bbR

Previously known as Boom Boom Room, an EDM club with so much boom that they named it twice, bbR dominates the nightclub scene of Nanshan & Shekou and is conveniently located right beside Houhai metro station.

bbR has built a reputation in the city for hosting international acts such as Paul Van Dyke. When the big boys do come to town, they are backed up by an excellent sound system and a huge club that can handle the sort of crowds they are used to.

bbR is a high-end club with high-end prices to match. A table reservation starts at around RMB 5,000, but you are guaranteed to get plenty of boom for your buck. Especially, when the international DJs are in town.

Address: 3rd Floor, Building A, Poly Cultural Square, Coastal City, Nanshan, Shenzhen (深圳市南山区保利文化广场A区三层A3-05)

  1. Eden Club

If you planning to go on a big night out in Shenzhen, then Coco Park is not a bad place to get the party started. Situated in the very heart of Futian and considered by many to be the pulse that keeps the city’s nightlife beating, Coco Park is home to many bars and clubs. Of all the places in Coco Park, Eden Club is an EDM paradise worth getting into.

Eden Club is separated into two sections made up of an indoor club and a large outdoor lounge. Inside boasts an awesome sound and lighting setup, while outdoors there are two bars and plenty of places to sit. There’s really no better spot in Coco Park for when the party goes late into the night.

Minimum Spends

Weekends: RMB1,200-3,500 for all booths, Standing tables, no minimum charge.

Weekdays: RMB 1,200-3,500 for front row booths, with the rest of booths and standing tables requiring no minimum charge.

Address: West Entrance, Coco Park, Futian, Shenzhen (购物公园酒吧街西面入口(民田路))


  1. SuperFace Club

Shenzhen has no shortage big and beautiful night clubs… with lavish decorations, intense lighting and sound.

2019 has brought a new face to this great city… SuperFace Club. This place is no joke… hands down one of the largest most visually stunning clubs we’ve ever seen. Unparalleled lighting, and a sound system to match, with a 5 story high ceiling, and a main video screen filling most of that space.

As with all the big Chinese style clubs, you can expect lot’s of EDM, big name guest DJs, loud music, heavy bass, and loads of party people.

Lot’s of sofa seating around the club, along with a standup bar.  VIP,  VVIP Sofas, and private SkyBox seating.

Weekdays is at minimum per bottle to book a table depending on location. Prime areas can range from RMB 2,000-5,000 & up minimum spending.

Please note that menu prices may differ on special guest DJ nights. But on regular Monday-Sunday non guest DJ nights, they’re following this list. No entry fee except for on special guest DJ nights.

Open 7 days a week from 10 PM till late (Usually 5.30 or up to 6.30 AM depending on the nights)

0755 – 26690669
Address:Dong Bin Lu Nan You Culture Plaza, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City    

  1. M1

If you want to go back to where the whole EDM scene began in Shenzhen, then you need to head on over to Luohu. M1 is one of the old timers of the scene, but it recently had a facelift, and it didn’t half roll back the years.

Located near Guomao metro station, M1 was already known across the city for its EDM. It offered a large space, with top-draw lights and sound system. The recent renovations really did wonders with the place too.

Bottle service is the standard here and don’t expect to be able to find much in the way of standing tables.

Minimum Spends

Weekends / Weekdays: RMB 3,000 all booths, approx.

Address: 3rd Floor, Huaduyuan Building, Dongmen Road South, Luohu, Shenzhen (深圳罗湖东门南路3002华都园大厦)

  1. TomLive

Having only opened in July 2018, TomLive is one of the newest EDM club’s on the block and from the looks of things, it’s serious about becoming one of the best clubs in all of Shenzhen.

Conveniently located next to Chegongmiao metro station in Futian, TomLive is part of a wave of new bars and clubs that are moving away from the crowded Coco Park area to create a new scene in their own image.

The club boasts a huge sound system and offers a stunning lighting setup. The architecture and décor are second to none in the city, and it all comes together to create cool vibes and a hip atmosphere.

Again, there is a heavy focus on bottle service, but there are limited standing tables on the dance floor and a standup bar at the back of the club.

Minimum Spends

Weekends: RMB 1,800 all booths.

Weekdays: RMB 1,280 all booths.

Address: A-1, Building 1, Crown Technology Park, No.21 Tairan 9th Road, Futian, Shenzhen (深圳市福田区泰然九路21号皇冠科技园1A-1)

Whichever of these bouncing clubs you wind up in, you are sure to have a great night. The EDM scene is vibrant in Shenzhen right now, and no matter if you are in Luohu, Futian, or Nanshan, you are bound to find an EDM night for you.