B10 Live: A Champion Of Independent & Alternative Music In Shenzhen

Cian   |   July 15, 2019
Photo Credit: 左氏文化

Every city needs a place where music fans can come to see live music: a beating heart where all the lifeblood of the local music scene can flow to and, vitally, somewhere that keeps that lifeblood pumping. Liverpool had The Cavern Club, famous for launching The Beatles. Nirvana and Pearl Jam all played at The Crocodile in Seattle before becoming Grunge legends. In Shenzhen, for many music lovers that heart is B10 Live.

Photo Credit: @泽健NIRVINA

Founded in November 2012 and located in OCT-LOFT, the live music venue has played host to some of Shenzhen’s most memorable gigs in recent times. They’ve brought in international acts like Carl Barat, Iceage, and SUUNS, but are also passionate supporters of local music, which has seen the likes of the cult Emo band Chinese Football grace their stage.

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Their credentials are underlined by Tomorrow Festival. The annual event is organized by B10 Live and has the perfect venue in OCT-LOFT, which was name checked by Lonely Planet when Shenzhen placed in their Top 10 Best in Travel 2019. The latest edition of Tomorrow Festival was considered the best yet, thanks to the eclectic mix of musicians from Japan, Germany, and Georgia, as well as screenings and talks from artists.

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Liverpool had The Cavern Club. Seattle had The Crocodile. Shenzhen has its B10 Live. Come down and check out a show and feel a part of the music scene that is happening in our city.

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Address: North Side of Building C2, North District, OCT-LOFT, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 深圳市南山区华侨城创意文化园北区C2栋北侧)

WeChat: b10live

Website: http://b10live.cn