Fair 404 Club Brings A Whole New Look to Coco Park

NowShenzhen   |   December 26, 2018

Fair 404 club brings a whole new look to the well known south west corner of Coco Park bar district. Having gone under a complete renovation during the fall of 2018, and reopening mid December 2018, Fair 404’s new look is quite stunning. With a carnival/fair theme, the attention to detail is impressive, with lots of fun decorations to keep your eyes wandering, while you down a few drinks and dance the night away.

The club has an open front, onto the street, and a substantial sit down bar right at the entrance. You can choose to sit at the bar, facing the inside of the club, or on the opposite side, giving you a view of the street. Ample seating inside and out, for small or larger groups, giving you the choice between standing tables or sit down sofas.

Drink prices are on par with other similar clubs in the city. Bottles starting at RMB 488.00 Beers starting at RMB 35.00 Cocktails mostly at RMB 48.00 Soft drinks and other mixers starting at RMB 25.00. Along with this, you also have a great selection of BBQ , pizza and other snacks. FYI… during our first visit we sampled the pizza… and WOW…. easily one of the most tasty pizzas we’ve had in Shenzhen!

Be sure to stop by and visit this cool club in Shenzhen’s famous bar district, Coco Park, Futian.
Exit B, of Shopping Park Metro station.
Ground floor.
Previously known as Lilly Marleen.