Hou Live: New Kids On The Block Taking Live Music To Next Level

Cian   |   November 26, 2019
Credit: ddddzero

Music is about constantly moving forward. Every artist that breaks on the scene inspires hundreds more. Every new genre spawns countless sub-genres. If music didn’t evolve then it would die. Just as music must keep moving forward, so too must local live music venues.

While we have seen a rise in venues in Shenzhen in recent years, the opening of Hou Live last September was another big leap forward for the live music scene.

Credit: NIKKI

Located in the basement of KK One in Futian, the venue boasts brand-new facilities and a hungry and young management team. 80s and 90s kids who were raised on a steady diet of Hong Kongese, Taiwanese, and Japanese indie music and alternative culture, it’s their mission to bring that same attitude and spirit to Shenzhen at Hou Live.


Hou Live has only been open for a year, but the team have wasted no time going about their business. They have brought in acts like French singer-songwriter Joyce Jonathan, Texan prog-rockers Polyphia, and Japanese bands like Mono and Crystal Lake. It’s not all about putting on big shows for international acts though, as Hou Live also arranges a showcase of local acts every three months as well as their anniversary bash every September.

The highlight of Hou Live’s first year has to be when The Jesus And Mary Chain played in May. The legendary Scottish post-punk band’s show was an unforgettable moment for local fans who grew up listening to the likes of The Jesus And Mary Chain, The Cure, and My Bloody Valentine. If you had told the same fans ten years ago that The Jesus And Mary Chain would one day be playing Shenzhen then they wouldn’t have believed you.

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It just goes to show that while the team at Hou Live may be young, they appreciate good music regardless of what genre it falls under, where it comes from, or how old it is. So here’s to Hou Live and to more nights like The Jesus And Mary Chain.

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