Hong Kong has an abundance of lesser known natural trails to hike.  One of these is the Tai Tun trail.  This is a seldom hiked and not very well-known trail and one which can be very difficult to find alone. It’s a natural mountain style hike, no stairs here. At 317M high it is quite small but the views on offer are immense.

The trail is completely hidden. You could easily walk straight past it.The trail starts by passing through the car park on the left from the refreshment kiosk beside the bus stop of Pak Tam Chung. Head to the end of the car park, it follows the uphill path to climb Tai Tun on the right by the ‘P’ signpost, where the entry has some ribbons as a mark. 

The trail is a mud route that has been forged by a few hardy hikers over the years, and it suits Hong Kong hiking perfectly. It is challenging but not overly so, it gets the heart racing and fresh air in your lungs. You will be surrounded by all sorts of flora and fauna and a cornucopia of colours and nature. As you ascend, you will be greeted by serene views of the ocean and you’ll just gape in awe. The weather at the top can be quite changeable. At the top there can be howling wind and rain or even scorching sunlight, that’s the beauty of Hong Kong, you never know what weather you will get.  Bring an umbrella or rain poncho just in case.

The panoramic vista below is quite a sight.  Visibility was not as good as it could have been it was still quite marvellous. Very Instagram worthy and perfect for your Wechat moments. You can stand on the edge and feel you are on top of the world, all your stress is cleared away by the infinitely expanding ocean ahead of you.  The visibility of the views depends completely on the weather, I had misty views others will have clear blue ocean and beautiful green islands.  Its unpredictable I’m afraid. You may even see the yachts and boats below you going about their day, leaving a wake behind them.

Next you need to continue on the trail through the grass and slowly wind down into the trees.  It feels great to be in the mist of such authentic and real nature, the trees surrounding you, engulfing the sunlight.  Be careful as the trail is slippery, in fact I fell more than once.  But its not a real hike unless you are covered in mud. You will slowly descend down and end at Tai Mong Tsai Road where you can get the bus.

Want to go?

Bus 94 from Sai Kung, 96R from Diamond Hill railway station, get off at Pak Tam Chung

Time approx. 3hours.  Bring 2L of water, umbrella, sunscreen and snacks.

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