Outdoor Activities in Hong Kong

TripTipping   |   October 8, 2021

Palm Beach teepees
The high temperatures may well put you off doing much activity in Hong Kong during the summer, but as autumn is on its way, maybe it’s time to get outdoors for a bit. Here are a few suggestions for you to enjoy the great outdoors in HK.

The Peak Get up there by cab, bus or tram, it’s up to you. For the scenic route, take the tram, but only if you have plenty of time and money. It is famous for its beautiful view of busiest part of HK surrounding the Victoria Harbour. Up there, you can have a walk in the park and trail, where you will find the best spot for taking photos and for free.

Yuen Po Street Bird Garden Before Avian Flu caused so much trouble, there was a street full of bird stalls. It has now been moved by the government, and can now be found at this Bird Garden. Be sure to follow your nose to Flower Street nearby, which you’ll find easy on the eye and fragrantly pleasant.

Palm Beach Eat and sleep outdoors here. Found on Lantau Island, you can cook up a great barbecue with friends, and then sleep with them in their teepee village. A word of warning though, do remember to set up your mosquito net properly. If you arrive during the day, you can also take part in lots of water sports.

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