Night hikes in Shenzhen often provide great views of the cityscape below, but not all the hikes are good options at night. Tanglang is probably the best such option.  There is an abundance of hikes in Shenzhen, many of which have been written about on this official account, however as with anything in life, some things are more suited than others. 

Great dusk option as you get some amazing views / Picture courtesy of Joe Macpherson

Tanglang Mountain is one of the most popular mountain hikes in the city, this is because of is central, convenient location, small height (around 330M or so), and casual difficulty. It’s a good option for mornings, afternoons, but especially evenings.

Tanglang mountain entrance / Picture courtesy of Joe Macpherson

Because of its city location, the night-time views on offer are staggering, offering almost panoramic vista views from Nanshan to Luohu. You can even see Hong Kong in the distance on a clear night. 

Awesome city views / Picture courtesy of Joe Macpherson
The city location allows for views like this / Picture courtesy of Joe Macpherson

There is usually a nice breeze to accompany this, leaving you cool and refreshed as you gawk at the twinkling city below you.  You almost don’t want to leave.

Beautiful city below you / Picture courtesy of Joe Macpherson

For this hike you can either take the stairs up, which is a much faster route, but more difficult and steeper. Please note that at night this can be a little dark so a flashlight is recommended. You can also take a paved road up, which is much easier and well lit, however it will take longer.  The choice up or down is yours.  As with any hike there are numerous other side paths and trails, however these are too numerous to mention here. You can start and end at the same metro, providing ease of access and a convenient way to get home.

Stairs can be dark as not very well lit / Picture courtesy of Joe Macpherson
The pagoda is the top point of Tanglang Mountain / Picture courtesy of Joe Macpherson
Path can be dark at night, Take care / Picture courtesy of Joe Macpherson

There are several rest stops along the way, and the stairs and the path overlap each other, so if you feel you need to switch you can do so easily.  You should bring some water with you as there is no place to buy on the hike.


塘朗山  Tanglang Mountain

Longzhu road North, Nanshan North East side, Shenzhen


Taoyuancun metro (line 7) exit D

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