Sign Up for Expats Photo Contest To Win ¥10,000

David Ho   |   June 4, 2020

THE second Expats Eye Shenzhen Photo Contest is now calling for entries from expat photo enthusiasts. Pick out pictures that can best represent the city from your photo gallery and sign up for the contest to win big!

Excellent works will be awarded generous cash prizes and opportunties for exhibition.

1. Host and organizers

Host: Information Office of Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government

Organizers: and Shenzhen Daily

2. Host and organizers

Submission deadline

Until midnight, Sept. 30


3 Themes

All photos should be taken in Shenzhen or be related to Shenzhen on topics such as city landscapes, culture heritages, folk custom, sports and arts, international communities, natural sceneries, historic changes of the city, etc.

4 Themes

  • One first-prize winner: 10,000 yuan 
  • Four second-prize winners: 8,000 yuan each
  • Eight third-prize winners: 3,000 yuan each
  • 20 merit awards winners: 1,000 yuan each
  • Finalist awards: 800 yuan per winner
  • All the winning entries will be exhibited and be published on a brochure of the photo contest.

5 Entry requirements

1. This contest accepts works from expat photographers only.

2. Each entrant can submit no more than 10 photos in total. There is no limitation for the shooting time. Entries can be single photos or a series (3-5 images in one series). Each image (series) requires an individual title and caption (including the content of the image, shooting time, shooting location, model of the camera or the phone, and exposure parameters).

3. Entrants should submit large-size high resolution digital files in the format of TIFF or JPG. Each JPG image should be no less than 2 MB. Images smaller than 2 MB will not be accepted.

4. The host and organizers have the right to use the winning entries for the purpose of copying, distribution, exhibition, screening, and dissemination via Internet without extra payment.

5. The entrant must be the author of the submitted images and own independent, complete, explicit and undisputed copyright of the overall and partial parts of the image.They should also guarantee that the submitted images do not infringe the lawful rights and interests of any third party including but not limited to copyrights, portrait rights, right of reputation, and privacy rights.

6. Works and behaviors that jeopardize public order and moral norms shall be disqualified immediately upon discovery. “Works and behaviors that jeopardize public order and moral norms” include, but are not limited to, any situation that violates laws, morals, public order or good customs that may seriously mislead the public or are fraudulent.

7. Works that do not comply with the provisions of these guidelines shall not be accepted and those which have been enlisted and later found not to comply shall be disqualified. The host and organizers have the right to withdraw prizes and certificate of awards, etc. with notification of media.

8. No participation fee is required but submitted works and its storage media will not be returned. The organizers may not be held responsible for damages during the delivery process or late delivery.

9. The host and organizers reserve the right for the final interpretations of the event. All submitters shall be deemed to have agreed to all the provisions of these guidelines.

6 Note


All entries should include the following information: 

1. Full name, nationality and contact of the photographer. 

2. A clear photograph of the photographer him/herself should be attached. 

7 Submission

1. Submission Online

Entries and personal information of the photographers should be sent to [email protected] before midnight, Sept. 30. Submissions via QQ, 126 and 163 mail addresses are preferred, to reduce the chance of the email being identified as spam.

2.Submission with CD or USB disc

The CD or USB disc should be labeled with the title of the submitted works, along with the information of the entrant and the description of the works in Microsoft Word format.

Please send the entries in a CD or a USB disc to the following address:

EYESHENZHEN Photo Contest Office, 20/F, Shangbao Building, 2 Shangbao Road, Futian District, Shenzhen.

Tel: (86) 0755-83519771

3.  Submission with paper photographs

Please send the paper photographs together with the information of the entrant and the description of the works to: EYESHENZHEN Photo Contest Office, 20/F, Shangbao Building, 2 Shangbao Road, Futian District, Shenzhen.

Tel: (86) 0755-83519771

* There should be no repetition of submitting the same works in different ways

08 Selected winning photos from last year’s contest

“A Resting Bird” by Jesus Salazar from Venezuela.
“Talent Park” by James Dumbrill from the United Kingdom.
“Keep Up Tradition” by Katsuhiro Kobayashi from Japan.
“Weightless” by Cody Hoffman from Canada.
“Distant Dream” by Chiranjib Chakraborty from India.
“Shoot” by Millan P. Rible from the Philippines.
“Window cleaner” by Andy Barraclough from the United Kingdom.

Originally Posted by Shenzhen Daily