Maluan Mountain

Now Shenzhen   |   August 25, 2021

Maluan Mountain is one of Shenzhen’s best kept secrets. However, it is extremely popular among avid hikers because it’s easy, safe, beautiful and varied with clear streams, lush woods, Chinese plum blossoms and one of the area’s largest waterfalls.

Maluan Mountain is 300-590 meters above sea level. In the hot summer, its temperature is lower than the city by 3 degrees Celsius. Without the industrial pollution and noises from the city, Maluan Mountain has kept its pure, refreshing environment. It’s also worth going every December and January when the orange trees harvest and all you can see are the fruits hanging from the trees. You can always pick some fruits, too!

At Maluan Mountain, you can have a good view of the ocean, the lake and the waterfall. It’s also the home of many different plants and animals, some of which are endangered species.

It’s a good place for a relaxing family outing and a wonderful getaway from the city.

Address & Contact
Address and contact information:
Chinese and Pinyin Name: 马峦山
Place Address (English/Pinyin): Pingshan Zhen, Longgang District
Website: Maluan Mountain’s Website
Place Phone: +86 (755)