Nanshan Museum

Now Shenzhen   |   August 29, 2021

Shenzhen Nanshan Museum is a large-scale comprehensive state-owned museum. It was established in 2014 by the Nanshan District Government. The Nanshan Museum undertakes the history and humanities research work of Nanshan. It is responsible for the collection and research of the unearthed cultural relics in the Nanshan area. It also pays attention to the collection and finishing of the ancient Maritime Silk Road and the historical relics of the Guangfu area.

Nanshan Museum covers an area With a total area of 39000 square meters and a construction area of 36,000 square meters, it is currently the largest single-building museum in Shenzhen and one of the largest museums in the country (county). Nanshan Museum is located in the central area of Nanshan: the Nanshan Library in the west and the Nanshan Cultural and Sports Center in the north. The three constitute the “Nanshan Cultural Golden Triangle”.

Nanshan Museum is also responsible for Shenzhen Municipal Cultural Relics Protection Unit. The management and open reception work of “Chen Yu’s Former Residence”.

Opening hours

  • Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 – 18:00 (17:30 stop admission); 
  • Closed on Monday (except for national statutory holidays).

The service facility has a disabled toilet and special elevator, maternal and child room, emergency medical room and medical kit; free baby stroller, wheelchair (baby car and wheelchair rental need to hold valid documents, no deposit required) and umbrella rental (umbrella) A deposit of 100 yuan is required for the rental; wireless Internet access and shops (not yet open) are available in public areas.

Lecture service:

Consulting services: Negative first floor and first floor information desk (answer consultation, information request, lost and found, accept complaints, etc.)

Parking service: 10:00-18:30

Public transit

Subway: Exit 2 of Taoyuan Station on Line 1

Instructions for the visit: 
1. The mineral water brought by the audience can be brought in, and other beverage snacks are forbidden to be brought into the venue; 
2. Do not bring all kinds of controlled knives, lighters, CDs, dangerous goods and pets into the venues. 
3. Large baggage needs to be stored in the artificial storage area on the left side of the entrance to the north gate (a single bag with a size of more than 40 cm). If you have carried the case and bag with you, please save the bag before entering the venue; 
4. Prohibited private items should be stored or handled outside the hall; 
5. Please arrange your clothes before the visit. Those who are not well-dressed will not be allowed to enter. 
6. Do not shout loudly during the visit and set the phone to be muted so as not to affect others’ visits; 
7. Do not touch the exhibits during the visit; 
8. No smoking in the venue; 
9. It is strictly forbidden to bring pets into the library 
10. Do not run, chase, climb, or lie in the venue; 
11. Please consciously abide by the public order, do not use roller shoes, sneakers and other similar wheel shoes in the exhibition hall; 
12. Please help us to maintain a good order of visits and a good visiting environment in the exhibition hall; 
13. Do not use the flash, self-timer and stand. The temporary exhibitions to be introduced will determine whether they can take pictures according to the exhibition agreement. If they are not photographed, an obvious reminder sign will be set up in the exhibition hall; 
14. Care for cultural relics exhibits, exhibition facilities and other public service facilities, flowers and trees, green spaces, etc., if there is damage compensation or bear the corresponding legal responsibility; 
15. Umbrella rental (deposit of 100 yuan), wheelchair, baby carriage rental (temporary valid certificate), deposit and pledge of the license. The stroller needs to be supervised by itself and does not provide storage services; 
16. The management method is explained by the Nanshan Museum.

Place Description (Chinese/中文):   深圳市南山博物馆是一所大型综合类国有博物馆,2014年由南山区政府批准成立。南山博物馆承担着南山历史、人文研究工作,负责南山区域出土文物的收藏和研究,同时也注重古代海上丝绸之路和广府区域历史遗存的收藏整理工作。   南山博物馆占地面积约19000平方米,建筑面积约36000平方米,是目前深圳现有单体建筑面积最大的博物馆,也是国内区(县)级建筑面积最大的博物馆之一。南山博物馆地处南山中心区:西接南山图书馆,北临南山文体中心,三者构成“南山文化金三角”。   南山博物馆还负责深圳市市级文物保护单位“陈郁故居”的管理和开放接待工作。

Address & Contact

  • Chinese and Pinyin Name:  深圳市南山博物馆
  • Place Address (English/Pinyin):  No. 2093, Nanshan Avenue, Shenzhen 深圳市南山大道2093号
  • Website:  Nanshan Museum’s Website
  • Place Phone:  0755-86700071