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Now Shenzhen   |   August 24, 2021

Introduced the Gospel of Christ began in 1846 in Shenzhen. Were under the Tsung Tsin Association and Rhenish Church, has set up the 27 churches and Christian and Missionary Alliance, place mainly located in Bao’an District.

The original is located in Luohu District, Shenzhen Church, founded in 1898, the sectarian background Rhenish Church. In 1949, the reconstruction of the new church, the address located at the Peace Road 22. During the Cultural Revolution, the church occupied by other units, clergy home farm, the church was forced to stop all activities.

After the Cultural Revolution to the implementation of government policy on freedom of religion, a religious authority in the government in 1983, the care and help recover the peace road Waqf. Be looked after by God, the Church predecessors various efforts, in May 27, 1984 before they may re-gathering of Church and restored to become the first resumption of worship in Shenzhen to reopen the church. That time, the church area of only 120 square meters, the number of people began gathering of only 70 people, only a worship each Sunday, with the gradual increase in the number of believers, Sunday worship increased to two, three.

Developed to meet even the stairways and the same when the work of the residence hall, room, the kitchen is filled with people, is the church next to the entrance road are full of believers attend church. During this period the Church have also set up a choir, Swatow meeting, Bible Prayer, Korean parties, gatherings of women, youth gatherings, conducted off of the volunteer training. Arrangements each year class for two of the catechumens. 25 years, a total of 50 of the baptism, the baptism of believers about thirteen thousand people.

As the needs of urban planning and construction of the church in the context of the demolition, in April 1997, Peace Road, Pine Road, the church relocated to hire an industrial plant as a temporary gathering of worship and other activities. At this time the number has increased to the Sunday gathering as many as 3,500. Church of the Holy greater development workers, Sunday school, sell the book group and other ministries have begun supporting services.

In 1998, Meilin, Futian District Government Huaguoshan while planning a 4,400 square meters (including the green belt) for the construction of the new church land. July 3, 1999 held a groundbreaking ceremony in August 2000 cap, December 9, 2001 put into use. In January 2003 the meeting place of the original Pine Road, Compass Road, also moved to the Mandarin Garden, hexagonal floor, second floor (leased) to facilitate the worship of believers in Luohu District.

The total cost of the new church of about thirty million yuan, more than ninety percent of local believers from the church brothers and sisters in Shenzhen, enthusiastic dedication. First half of 2003 to pay off arrears of the whole project, held in August Dedication of new church thanksgiving service.

Total area of the new church building 8265 square meters, 28 meters high main building, the cross up to 70 meters and the total cost (including decoration) were more than 2900 million yuan. Side hall off the main hall and can accommodate more than 2,000 people gathering. Newly built with the new church is a cult, parking, conference, hospitality venues, including various multi-purpose building. It looks just like the Bible is written in the era of Noah’s Ark, Merlin Huaguoshan parked in a quiet side; her majestic lines and a crisp, clean, and with a strong sense of the times. She not only became a big attraction in the region Merlin, is God in this era became the world symbol of salvation and grace!

Currently, the Church launched a range of activities here, there are four Sunday worship attendance of about 6,000 people. Weekly meetings between sisters, Swatow party, Youth Fellowship, Youth Fellowship, Sunday School, Fellowship in English, Business Fellowship, Cana Fellowship, Bible Prayer, Choir practice. In addition the church has opened in recent years, the beginning of the letter culture, new life growing classes, training disciples, as well as sell the book group, the gospel group, consulting, etc. related to faith and belief in other service activities for brothers and sisters. Church annual two catechists, each lasting for about 700 people were baptized. God will add to the church who were being saved, it will becomes more and more grace!

Shenzhen Tong existing pastoral 9, 15 staff, mainly to do pastoral work and everyday things, there is strong collaboration of more than 1,000 volunteers around the holy work carried out. May the Church in this era more as a witness to God, glory of the Church of God!

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