Nan Hua Furniture Supermarket

Now Shenzhen   |   August 29, 2021

Located in Le Cong Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, this Nan Hua Furniture Supermarket is such a huge furniture selling market that perhaps it entails your one or two days to hang out there.

This furniture supermarket has furniture of different styles and prices. So it’s just up to you to decide what to buy. Also, since the factory has set their show room there, you just don’t have to run to the factory to see.

You can take a bus from Shenzhen to Shende, then take a taxi, show the driver the Chinese name of the furniture supermarket, and go there. Or perhaps you can go by ferry to shunde, then take a taxi. It’s up to you.

The Furniture Supermarket is doing on-the-spot business. It’s not easy to find their website on the Internet, and also their phone number 0757-2337-0170 doesn’t seem like working all the time. So if you really need to by something, perhaps you have to pay a visit.Place Description (Chinese/中文):  广东省佛山市顺德区乐从镇南华家具城10万平方家具超市

Address & Contact

  • Chinese and Pinyin Name:  乐从南华家具城10万平方家具超市
  • Place Address (English/Pinyin):  Le Cong Town, Shun De District, Fo Shan City, Guangdong. 广东省佛山市顺德区乐从镇
  • Website:  Nan Hua Furniture Supermarket’s Website
  • Place Phone:  +86 0757 2337 0170